Accrington Cricket Club

Social Distancing In The bar/ Toilets
Tuesday September 15th 2020


As of the 14th September 2020 the Government have released that:

The maximum capacity of your group should be 6 only, whether inside or outside.

Track and Trace has become a legal requirement as of September 14th.

f you fail to comply with this, then you will be refused a drink and asked to leave, it’s nothing personal, we are just trying our best to adhere to the guidelines so we remain safe.

Our aim is to provide a safe environment for all our customers and staff whilst showing full compliance to the latest rules and recommendations provided by the Government.

If you have any symptoms of Covid 19, feel unwell or have been exposed to anyone with Covid 19  then please stay at home. 

Please follow the rules set out within the club for the safety of all, entering and leaving the club through the correct doors at all times.  

Hand sanitiser is situated at both entrances and the exit and MUST be used each time you enter and leave the clubhouse. 

All customers must maintain social distancing this means:

INSIDE: A maximum group of 6 people.

OUTSIDE: A maximum group of 6 people.

Remember the RULE of 6!!

Do NOT move any tables, chairs or benches as they have all been placed in order to maintain recommended social distancing.

The bar is only accessible through one door, please follow the posters to be directed to the entrance, hand sanitiser is situated inside this door and must be used before approaching the order point. You MUST also sign in on your first visit inside leaving your name and contact number for track and trace purposes, until you have signed in you will not be served.  All information left will be stored securely and then destroyed after 21 days.
There is a separate order and pay and collection point inside the clubhouse, all customers must follow the arrows on the floor. 

Contactless Payments is the preferred method for purchasing drinks however we won't turn a cash payment away, just inform a member of staff that it is a cash payment when placing your order.

Children under 18 are only allowed into the clubhouse when accompanied by an adult, they must also remain seated at all times.

Due to lack of space prams cannot be brought into the clubhouse at this time.

If any area is taped off this means it is off limits and the tape should not be removed.

In the event of any rain the number of people that are allowed into the clubhouse is limited, once capacity is reached no-one else will be allowed in.  Priority will be given to those who are already inside.


The toilets are accessible through one door only, there are posters up directing you to this door.  When entering please use the hand sanitiser supplied.  You also need to sign in on your first visit, even if you’re only using the toilet facilities you are still entering the building and touching/using the same facilities.

The toilets will be operating on a 'one in-one out' basis

The toilets will be subject to closing on a regular basis in order for a member of staff to clean them.

Lastly, these rules are not optional for us.......please follow them and remember that its not any member of staffs fault that these rules have to be enforced.  



The Club