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Bonus Ball News For The 2019 Season
Wednesday February 20th 2019

I will be running the National Lottery Bonus Ball sweep again this summer.

Contributions remain at £1 for each National Lottery draws on Saturdays and Wednesdays with a prize of £30 for each winner.

The sweep will begin on Saturday 20th April 2019 and run to the end of the season on 8th September 2019, a total of 41 National Lottery draws.

I will initially assume that all those who took part last year are willing to do so again this year;

if anyone does not wish to continue could they let me know as soon as possible so that I can try to reallocate their number.

Last year the sweep raised £1247 from 43 draws for Club funds.

28 different numbers won with 15 winning once, 11 twice and two lucky numbers winning three times.

The most successful numbers last year were those in the 50’s (13 winners) and 1-9 (11 winners) whereas the 20’s provided only 3 winners and the 30’s 4.

Let’s hope that 2019 provides a more even split!

Thanks to all those who have taken part.

Best wishes for the Season

Stephen Davies




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