Accrington Cricket Club

Club Bonus Ball
Tuesday February 14th 2017

For some years the Club has run a bonus ball lottery using the National Lottery bonus ball number drawn each Wednesday and Saturday.

This was based on the original National Lottery 49 numbers so we had 49 members paying £1 for each draw (£2 per week) and a prize of £25 was given for each draw.

This lottery operates through the cricket season and in 2017 will start with the draw on Saturday 15th April and end with the draw on Saturday 16th September.

When the National Lottery increased the numbers in the draw to 59, the Club had to manually redraw a number if the National Lottery bonus ball was in the range 50 to 59,

To avoid this, we would like a further 10 new members and if we can achieve this, the prize for each draw would increase to £30.

Would anyone willing to join the Bonus Ball lottery please contact Stephen Davies, Club Treasurer (Tel 07780 517641, email:


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