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Ian McCrae's Tribute to Peter Barratt (1937-2011)

Friday May 6th 2011

David Lloyd and Peter Barratt
David Lloyd and Peter Barratt

"Peter Barratt , or “Mr. Accrington Cricket Club”, as my wife, Margaret refers to him, and with good reason. His commitment, involvement and love of A.C.C was obvious.

"Peter enjoyed being “involved”, but that didn’t mean that it was all cakes and ale. Alarm call outs, break ins, vandalism, insurance claims, burst pipes etc,  would all encompass Peter’s total involvement.

"All good leaders have the ability to delegate. But all good leaders have to recognise that those entrusted are both willing and capable. Peter recognised that being involved with a cricket club was not a summer assignment, it was yearly. In fact , in Peter’s case, it was daily.

"No one is  indispensable, A.C.C. have survived for over a hundred and fifty years and no doubt will continue to survive.But along that passage certain individuals have played a significant part in its survival. Peter Barratt is one.

"On a personal note, as part time groundsman at the club, Peter’s support and encouragement to me was immense. His backing and help was always available.

"Primarily Peter was to me a friend, rather than a chairman or president. Peter was always a gentleman and society has benefitted from the  his contributions in various areas.  His involvement in all walks of life now causes there to be many holes that will be very difficult  to fill.

"His family, Iris , David, Paul  and Vickie joined Peter in their support of A.C.C. They are the people for whom the  loss is greatest, my deepest  sympathy to them."

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