Accrington Cricket Club

Indoor League

Sunday January 26th 2003

This morning the Lancashire Indoor league (Under 13') starts at Moorhead High School. Indoor Cricket using Incrediballs. The event is between the following 6 teams:- Accrington 'A', Accrington 'B,' Gt Harwood, Ossie Immanuel, Baxenden and Church.

The event starts at 09:45 and concludes at around lunchtime. The draw is as follows:
Group 'A'
Ossie Immanuel, Baxenden, Church
Group 'B' Accrington 'A', Accrington 'B', Gt Harwood

Our first fixtures are on the 9th February 2003.
Fixture details as follows:-
Fixture 1 10:00am 10:40am Accrington 'A' v Accrington 'B'
Fixture 2 10:50am 11:30am Gt Harwood v Accrington 'A'
Fixture 3 11:50am 12:40pm Accrington 'B' v Gt Harwood

On week three there will be a play off final, and the eventual winners will play in the County Final. (Venue to be confirmed). The dates for the County Final are either 30/03/2003 or 06/04/2003.



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