Accrington Cricket Club
The Bumble is back
Accrington v Haslingden
Saturday May 10th 2008
Lionel checks
Lionel checks the names on the team sheet

Well held sir!
David shows the reflexes are still in order

David bowls
The bowling action is still there
Three Wise Men
Three wise men look on

David and Simon
An amazing 44 years separate David and Simon Hanson

the team come out
The team take to the field

Sky cameras
The Sky TV cameras film the action
the skipper bowls
Skipper David Ormerod opens the bowling
David in the slips
David takes his spot in the slips
move in close
And then moves in close on the leg side

Wicket to Toby
Toby traps Andy Clough to pick up the first wicket

David comes on
David comes on to bowl
David Lloyd bowling
David bowls to Graham Knowles

The crowd watch
The crowd watch

Graham defends
After losing three early wickets chasing 227 Graham mixes solid defence

Six to Graham
With some big hits

square cut
Square cuts
David comes in at number seven
David comes in at number seven
Four to Bumble
David hits the first of his two boundaries off Graham Knowles
what do you reckon?
David and Graham discuss the situation

it's in the air
After making 15 David holes out to Mike Ingham on the boundary

well played sir
But he receives a warm round of applause
a big crowd
Over £500 was taken at the gate

Graham is out
After making a superb 78 Graham is out and Haslingden win the match by 12 runs



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